I Sami Ahmed Khan, am very thankful to the team Career Specilaistz for their constant support and help in pursuing my tertiary education from United Kingdom. I don’t have words to express my gratitude for the Team in helping me to achieve my dream.

Sami Ahmed Khan


I would like to thank all the teachers for assisting me with the queries that I had and also for the study material which was provided to me by them. The faculty goes out of their way to help you out with the problems. Special thanks to Aditya Sir for his guidance.

Abhijeet Chauhan


Learning solely through books has its place, but actually getting out and experiencing the world is a whole different level. When you physically see the vast skies over the river, when you smell the dirt, flowers and trees after a downpour, when you taste the local food and see the smiles of its people; that’s absorbing knowledge.

Anuj Garg Sir


What are you going to do there? Listen. Reflect. Transform. We will stop asking what 'we'can do for 'them' and start asking how we can listen to each other and develop a truly sustainable global system together, remembering that sustainability is a three-pronged pursuit: Environmental, Social, and Economic.

Arsheen Hasan


I can say that I was one of the Career Specialistz students! ? I’m happy about this experience because I saw how did individual learning work in a small group. And I saw the progress of improving my language skills. The teachers are open-minded and interested in their students (What are the students doing? What are the plans for the future?).

Anjali Khatri