The overseas service provided by CAREER SPECIALISTZ are excellent for students who want to go abroad for higher education. The team was patient enough to answer all my relevant and irrelevant queries during the visa process. I really thank them from the bottom of my heart for putting up with me and answer all my concerns nicely. Thank you Team CSZ!

Mehmood Khalid

Concordia University, Canada

Aditya Sir with his expert counseling sessions and guidance helped me at every single step from IELTS exam preparation to Visa approval. Finally I got my VISA approved for JCU in Australia for MS in Information Technology (Business Informatics). CSZ is the right place for all zealous students. I will recommend every student going oversea to touch base must get in touch with CAREER SPECIALISTZ to enjoy a smooth admission process.

Rajeev Raj Jain

James Cook University, Australia

I am really very impressed with the professionalism shown by team members across all levels, be it faculty members, student counselors or office managers. All their staff members are very well equipped with the knowledge required to guide a student to choose the right institution for themselves.

Parth Deshpande


The staff members at CAREER SPECIALISTZ are very efficient, responsive and professional. When it comes to counseling students, providing correct information of various courses as well as timely follow-up with students as and when required, they lived up to my parent’s expectations.

Bilal Ahmed

University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia

The staff members of CSZ are reliable and hard-working, with counsellors providing excellent support to students. Sessions and events run by team CSZ are professionally organized and well-managed. I would like to thank Team CAREER SPECAILISTZ for their ongoing support. Thank you CSZ!

Gourav Keswani

Deakin University, Australia

The quality of application procedure which Team CSZ follows is very good, ensuring faster and better turnaround time. The other services apart from applications, like the classes, VISA filing was very helpful and professionally handled which indicates a very knowledgeable and dedicated team. There has always been an efficient communication, lots of positive synergy between me, my family and the team and we appreciated the work they have done for us.

Rabhpreet Singh Kalra

Lambton College, Canada

Team CSZ Is a very sincere and honest team when it comes to assist students in choosing the right educational institution. I am really thankful to the team CSZ who helped me in every step and put me off to a great start in my career.

Ishita Sharma

Macquaire University, Australia

I was only interested in one college and one program and they made it happen and I’ll always be grateful to them for this. The team is very efficient and perfect at their work. Without them, my visa processing would have been a fail. I am very thankful to the Team CAREER SPECIALISTZ.

Abhishek Choubey

IIT Chicago, USA

I highly appreciate the immense dedication shown by the team CSZ. I look forward to taking help from them again in future. Thank you CAREER SPECIALISTZ!

Mansi Dixit

Deakin University, Australia

After coming to Career Speciialistz, they helped me to make quick decisions and kept my spirit high. Finally, I got admission at RMIT, Australia and my dream journey started. Even the visa counselling was very quick in sorting out the documents and getting the visa approval on time

Jeevan Johnsy

RMIT, Australia